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An interactive Teledyne ISCO Rep Council webinar to boost sales and satisfy customers

The LaserFlow flowmeter’s versatility, low maintenance and advanced technology (demonstrated time and again in a tremendous range of

applications) make it the sensible go-to for customers seeking a rugged, dependable flowmeter with unparalleled accuracy.

But the LaserFlow too often is introduced as an afterthought or not at all in customer presentations.

This not only impedes sales, but also shortchanges clients seeking what often is their best solution.

So, how to overcome the barriers to LaserFlow sales that we often put in place ourselves? How to “Think LaserFlow First”?

Join us for this 45-minute webinar and interactive Q&A, a Teledyne ISCO Rep Council presentation sponsored and hosted by Teledyne ISCO.

You’ll discover the answer to those questions and more, all of which will put you on the road to more LaserFlow sales and satisfied customers.

This special presentation features Alex Ellis, Instrumentation Sales Representative with Wisconsin-based Mulcahy Shaw Water, and Amy Gamache, Senior Partner with Arizona-based Western Environmental Equipment Co. Alex and Amy have had great success in selling the LaserFlow, and they

look forward to sharing their tactics and insights with you.

You’ll learn:

• Benefits of the LaserFlow system

• Perceived Negatives

• Key points in the LaserFlow sales approach

• Wide-ranging examples of successful site applications


Don’t miss this great opportunity to speak directly with two LaserFlow experts with proven track records about your own personal hurdles to

thinking LaserFlow First.

We’d also love to hear your success stories as well!


Tuesday, February 7, 2023

7:00AM CST / 1:00PM CST / 8:00PM CST

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