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Laser Welding

Outperforms Ultrasonic Bonding and Resistance Welding

With its high flexibility, precision, and speed, laser welding is an increasingly popular and proven method, especially for the most recent processes in the battery industry. Welds can be sized and shaped to fit into small spaces, allowing for a wider range of designs. As a non-contact process, laser welding can reach small battery areas that are often not accessible with ultrasonic bonding and resistance welding.


• Fastest lasers on the market with unmatched scanning speed

• Turnkey solutions (Class 1 certified laser safety, fume extraction, vision, automation, etc.)

• High-quality hardware and software components (including ultra-precise scanners) 

• Welding patterns tailored and optimized for each design

• Welding for all cell types (cylindrical, prismatic and pouch)

• Suitable for highly conductive metals

• Precise welding quality

• High weld strength

• Ability to weld dissimilar metals

• Minimal heat affected zone (HAZ)


Laser welding and laser cleaning are among the most promising technologies for EV battery welding. Lasers provide the speed and precision required for the thousands of welds in battery packs, battery modules, and cells. As a green technology, lasers are also in line with the objectives of the e-mobility industry.

Unlike alternatives, all types of battery cells can benefit from laser technology, including cylindrical cells, prismatic cells, and pouch cells. Laser welding and cleaning are being implemented for a wide range of electric vehicles:

- Cars

- Trucks

- Taxis

- Bicycles

- Busses

- Motorcycles

- Four wheelers

- Jet skis

- Airplanes

- Boats

- Ships

- Forklifts

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