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Battery Laser Cleaning Machine

Flexible Integration

Our adaptable door system allows loading parts manually, with a robot, or via conveyor. You can even start with a manually loaded machine during ramp up, then automate the machine later with minimal upgrade. Our team will customize the machine for an easy integration and optimal production.

Clean, Mark, Validate

Laserax is the only one that offers a solution to perform multiple operations at the same time. You can clean and texture surfaces, etch barcodes, and use our integrated vision cameras to control quality—all of this with a single unit.

Fast and Precise Cleaning

Our laser is preprogrammed to only clean battery pole areas needed for welding, minimizing the total cleaning time. Our vision system also detects module positioning errors and adjusts laser cleaning accordingly.

Adapted to Your Custom Requirements

Laserax is an agile company and so is our machine design, which can be adapted to meet specific requirements such as footprint limitations and different part sizes. A gantry option is also available to move the laser head as needed when processing large modules.

Optical Configuration that Prevents Overheating

Most fiber lasers use galvanometers that do not provide feedback on their position. These mirrors, which are used to guide laser light, are not safe when their position is not known, as they can overheat the battery in the event of a malfunction and cause serious accidents. 

Laserax uses galvanometers specifically chosen for electric batteries to prevent overheating. Our unique configuration allows for the system to monitor all optics positioning in the head and shut down the laser source if the optical components become misaligned.

Leading-Edge Expertise

The electrification of the automotive industry comes with new technical challenges and requirements. Laserax takes head on untamed challenges to set new automotive standards.

Our team of experts optimize the laser parameters and machine configuration for your application. You get a customized laser process of optimal quality and efficiency based on your cleaning and texturing needs.

Class-1 Laser Safety Rating

Safety is never an option. As a turnkey solution, this automated machine complies with international laser safety standards. It helps you create a 100% safe work environment without requiring personal protective equipment.


- The Battery Cleaning Machine is the ideal solution to clean, texture, and etch all types of electric battery components, including busbars, battery packs, housings, cells, modules, cans, caps, lids, foils, tabs, and hairpins.

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