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Door Laser Cleaning Machine

Use Your Current Robot

The Door Cleaning Machine is the best compromise between cost and efficiency. Once the robot has dropped the part in the fixture, it is free to perform other operations while the laser is processing the part.

Customized for Your Application

The machine can be scaled to your part size. You can also clean multiple areas by flipping parts with the optional rotary axis. If the surface to process is larger than the laser’s scanning field, you can add a gantry system to move the laser head as needed. And we also offer embedded quality control.

Advanced Fume Management

The embedded fume management system ensures the constant quality of the process and the work environment’s safety. In addition to customized nozzle configurations, the temperature and flow in the extraction unit are continuously monitored to detect any issues, ensuring that the operation is 100% safe for your employees. 

Flexible Part Loading

To offer maximum flexibility, the machine comes with multiple part loading configurations. The robot can present parts from the front, left and right sides as well as from the top, granting you many options when optimizing your plant layout.

Designed for the Harshest Environments

The rotary cleaning machine is built to offer you peace of mind for at least the next 10 years. It can operate 24/7 in the harshest industrial environments. It comes equipped with a temperature-controlled IP-54 electrical cabinet and an Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC.

Leading-Edge Expertise

Our team of experts optimize the laser parameters and machine configuration for your application. You get a customized laser process of optimal quality and efficiency based on your cleaning and texturing needs.

Class-1 Laser Safety Rating

Safety is never an option. As a turnkey solution, this automated machine complies with international laser safety standards. It helps you create a 100% safe work environment without requiring personal protective equipment.


- The door laser cleaning machine can be configured to remove rust, oxide, paint and various contaminants from metal surfaces (laser cleaning) as well as to texture surfaces prior to subsequent manufacturing steps (laser texturing).

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